About us

Hello, I am Blitz I have knowledge of my industry market, a lot of colleagues, experience, a desire to unroll something interested and yes, I am lucky – I love my job!  I work at it and persist until you are really satisfied with the results. Okay, I might look a bit crazy sometimes, but I work responsibly and efficiently. As a creative studio I provide video making, casting, photo, content writing and other creative services. I approach every request, big or small, with commitment for a every private costumer or company. Whatever you need  – a slogan, advice, contact information of specialist, or a full and thorough project, Blitz can do!  I am flexible and hospitable, by the way. So, Welcome!

Having different professionals or connections, know-how anddepartments which often are related in between, under one roof, allows me to provide my clients with streamlined services.

My team members, (professional freelancers in film, commercials and TV production, casting, photography, journalism, PR, design and other arts,) form a creative community for the big ideas that “Blitz studio” brainstorms, develops and BRINGS TO LIGHT. That’s right, each idea is big and as special for me as it is for you, but doesn’t have to cost big money. Hah, I prefer to be affordable, just feed me with another challenge!