Looking for a face? I supply actors – both potential and specialized, extras, characters and models, children, adults and even pets for the film, television, advertising and entertainment industries.

Let me underline that the database displayed in this website isn’t full (otherwise it would be slower and we hate lags), even not one fifth of it. When you require we will get the very best performing talent for you from our inner sources and experience. AS an extra service, in my studio to save you time, I will gladly make photo and video tests of selected candidates.

Dreaming of getting a role? Or perhaps you would love to find yourself on the poster? I constantlyscout for all kinds of characters, regardless your age, skills, height, weight and…or fear in front of cameras. Doors are open, come for a photo test, get uploaded into our database and we will keep you in my mind concerning upcoming projects.

With great respect to all the masters of acting craft, but… I have just remembered a quote by one of our directors: “Many can act, even actors.”